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Marriage Course
The Marriage Course is a series of eight evening sessions and a Saturday morning seminar designed to help any married couple strengthen their relationship.
Each evening consists of a romantic meal for two, a practical talk and couple discussion time. There is no group work and no requirement to disclose anything about your relationship to anyone else.

Topics include the art of communication, resolving conflict, the power of forgiveness, the impact of family (past and present) & good sex.

The course starts on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at the Catford site.

£80 per couple including a meal each evening and course materials.
Alpha explores life and the Christian faith in a relaxed, informal setting. Come and eat, make friends and ask questions. Each week there is a short presentation followed by discussion in small groups.
Alpha consists of nine sessions looking at topics such as Who is Jesus? Why and how to pray? How to read the Bible? It runs on a termly basis – nine midweek evenings with one Saturday.

It is for anyone who wants to investigate Christianity, and also for new Christians and people who want to reconnect with God.

Alpha is free. However, people are welcome to make a small contribution to the cost of the meal.

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ORIGINS series
This twelve-week series, which starts on 7th May, will be about the first book in the Bible - Genesis. Each week we will be looking at different characters and stories from it and how God kept rescuing them, and using them to achieve His redemptive purposes for humanity.
The word “Genesis” means “origins” or “beginnings.” In many ways, it is a book about how the world came to be as it is: how we ended up with space and time, good and evil, sex and marriage, work and rest, covenant and blessing, families and nations. It is the most foundational book in the Bible, and the one that all of God’s people look back to. As we read it, we find our roots—not just as Brits or Indians or Africans or whatever, but as children of Abraham.

As we see the grace and mercy of God expressed to this family—which, of course, is ultimately our family—we learn not just about ourselves, but about the relentless goodness of the God who has promised to bless the whole world. And we see Jesus everywhere: in Eve’s seed, Abel’s blood, Noah’s ark, Abraham’s mysterious priest-king, Hagar’s angel, Isaac’s substitute, Leah’s praise, Jacob’s midnight wrestler, Joseph’s vindication and Judah’s lion.

Marriage Seminar
The Bible has much to say on the issue of intimacy in marriage. Steve and Deb Tibbert will be hosting a morning seminar ‘Sex, Romance and God’ for married couples with practical teaching and resources on the place of romance and intimacy in Christian marriage.
There will be opportunities to discuss topics together as a couple, but there will be no group discussions and no requirement to disclose anything about your relationship to anyone else. Married couples can sign up at the Welcome Desk or use the sign up link below.