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Who has God used to shape your life?

When I reflect on my journey of faith and leadership, I am aware that God has allowed me to walk alongside many great people.  At different points along the way, He has used them to help shape me into the person and leader I have become. 

My parents are among the biggest influences in my life, and I thank them for their godly, positive example.  After giving my life to Christ in my late teens, my pastor, Peter Ledger, and my youth group leaders, Mr and Mrs Chris, were the first to disciple me: Mr Chris met with me for many weeks and laid a great foundation in my life; Peter Ledger gave me my first exposure to church leadership.  I am grateful for the time they gave to me as a young man.

When my local church in Bedford joined Newfrontiers in the early 1990's, I began to be exposed to other gifted leaders, such as David Devenish, Dave Holden and Terry Virgo.  I have had the privilege of spending many hours in the company of such people.  The time spent praying, talking and sharing lives with such people has undoubtedly made me a better leader.

I am therefore delighted that one of my mentors, Terry Virgo, will be joining us at King’s next Wednesday, 28th January, for the last of our prayer meetings this January.  We will be meeting at our Lee site, at the usual time of 7.45.  On this occasion Terry will not be preaching, but I will be interviewing him.  As the founding father of a global movement he is worth listening to!  Perhaps I will take the opportunity of asking him who has helped shape his life...  

Terry Virgo


Steve Nicholson is another person I would count as one of my most significant mentors - his counsel to me as a leader and on the church here at King’s cannot be understated. 

So, why not take a few moments to ask yourself: Who am I helping to grow? Who are the main influencers on my life? Take the chance to come along next Wednesday and listen to Terry Virgo, but also, let us continue to ask God to bring men and women into our lives who will help make us into the people He wants us to become.

Who has God used to shape your life?

Posted by Steve Tibbert at 12:12 PM


A New Eldership Team

It was great to have David Devenish with us on Wednesday evening as we appointed four new elders to join our Eldership team.

New elders and wives

William Dalziel, Kwaku Osafo, Simon Linley and Ayo Oyabayo now join me, Phil Varley and Malcolm Kyte to strengthen and enhance our Eldership. What a privilege it is to work alongside such a group of godly men! Please continue to pray for us and all the leaders at King's.

Have you signed up for a group yet? If you haven't yet decided which one you want to join, pick up a copy of King's Life on Sunday to check what's available. Alternatively, you can sign up online through our new groups pages. Places are filling up fast!

I have a growing sense of God calling us to pray for our church, our city and our nation. Our next church-wide Wednesday celebration is next week, 21st January, 7.45pm (Catford site). Please can I encourage you again not to miss this chance to gather together to pray, worship, and give thanks.


Terry Virgo celebration

Fantastic news! I have just heard that Terry Virgo has confirmed that he will be at our last Wednesday celebration this month - 28th January, 7.45pm (Lee site). As many of you will know, Terry is the founding father of Newfrontiers, the group of churches to which we belong - a man of great vision, wisdom, and faith. It is a real privilege to have him with us, and an evening not to be missed.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Posted by Steve Tibbert at 12:00 AM


Better Together

On New Year’s Eve, hundreds of us gathered for our Watchnight services to worship, give thanks and pray for the year ahead. What a fantastic evening, and what better way to welcome in 2015! If you were unable to be there, then have a look at the video review of 2014 here.

This coming Sunday, I am looking forward to speaking at our vision Sunday on the theme of Better Together when I will be preaching out of John 21:1-14. This last chapter of John’s Gospel shows us the resurrected Jesus inviting his disciples to share a meal with him, demonstrating the importance of spending time with a small group of believers - it is good to be together.

New Year is traditionally a time for new starts, new challenges and new opportunities, and that is certainly true here at King's. This month sees the launch of our new termly magazine 'King's Life', which I hope many of you are already reading and enjoying. In it you will find a summary of all our groups, an essential part of being together. Can I encourage you to sign up to your preferred group quickly, as places will fill up fast.  Also, please make a special effort to join us next Wednesday evening, 14th January, 7.45pm (Catford site) when David Devenish will be appointing 4 new elders to join our existing team - another important moment in our journey as a church together.

Celebration with David Devenish

Lastly, keep an eye out for the launch date for our updated church website, going live soon.  Also on its way, our new church app, making access to our website even easier. In the meantime, our new groups pages are already live on the website, so you can go there to sign up online.  All these technologies can help us stay connected – however, nothing can replace the value of face-to-face, heart-to-heart communication. So, let’s gather throughout January (Wednesday evenings at 7.45pm) to worship and pray as a church, and sign up to a group quickly.

We are better together!

Posted by Steve Tibbert at 1:01 PM



Have you made any plans yet for New Year's Eve?

Why not come along to the Watchnight evening at the Catford and Lee sites where you can join in a time of worship and prayer and meet with friends from King's to start the year with God's people.

The Catford site Watchnight event starts at 9.30pm through until 12.30am and the Lee event starts at 8pm until 12.30am. King's Downham site folk are invited to attend the Lee Watchnight event.

A good place to begin 2015 - in God's presence!

Watchnight advert

Posted by Steve Tibbert at 9:15 AM


Christmas Day and beyond...

For those of us who will still be at home here on December 25th, we look forward to worshipping together at our Christmas Day meetings! These will be shorter than usual - an hour at most - and will take place on each of the Catford, Downham and Lee sites at 10.30am.

Then on Sunday 28th December we have a slightly altered schedule:

- Catford: meetings at 9.30am and 11.30 am only (no 5.30 meeting)
- Downham: meeting at 10.30am only
- Lee: meeting at 10.30am as usual

Looking forward to celebrating together!


Posted by Steve Tibbert at 9:09 AM


Thank you, Val Taylor!

For the last six years, Val Taylor has helped me with this blog and other areas of writing. In addition to these weekly postings, we have produced numerous leadership papers and even written a book together. Her help over this time has been invaluable. As many of you will know, she and the mighty Mick Taylor have recently moved to join Guy Miller at Citygate Church in Bournemouth. She has continued serving me from there for a number of months, but we have concluded together that the time has come to hand over.

I suspect that my most ardent follower of this blog is my Mum. She reads every posting and claims it is the best way to keep up with the latest news. She, of anyone, knows my limitations when it comes to writing. I did not enjoy school - both my mum and dad can tell stories of difficult parents' evenings and their need for a sherry together afterwards. Val's skill as a writer has enabled me to share our journey at King's both locally and with a wider audience. She has always done this with remarkable creativity, patience and grace - she once said to me that the reason I tend to miss out words in a sentence is because my brain works so fast my writing cannot keep up with it!

Val, I am extremely grateful for your amazing writing gift - your eye for grammar, spelling and style, but also your humility. There have been many occasions when I have read back over something I had drafted, and felt that it expressed the heart and content of my original message, but more clearly and strongly. Thanks especially for those occasional times when I have been particularly overrun and you have managed to create a great blog out of the very little I have given you. You will be a hard act to follow.


Posted by Steve Tibbert at 9:05 AM

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