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Help! Christmas is coming...

Four weeks today is Christmas Day. The Tibbert family love Christmas - a definite favourite time of year, but if it's going to be a success now is the time for action! It's time to get everything in place for the festive season...

So, we have ordered our King's Christmas Tree. (Check!)

We have picked up our Big Red Box. (Check!)

We have begun to invite friends and family members to the Carol Services, where the theme this year is Home. Please join us and continue to pick up flyers and tickets for the One Church evening Carol services. There are still more people the Tibbert family intend to invite along so the ‘check' will have to wait on that one!

Steve and Krish KandiahIn the midst of all our Christmas planning, yesterday I had the privilege of meeting Krish Kandiah, the founder of Home for Good and President of the London School of Theology. We had a great time together sharing our stories and it was exciting to show him around our Lee site.

On the Tibbert home front we will be hosting Deb's parents on Christmas Day and having a day with the extended Tibbert family members over the following weekend - we need to make sure everything will be in place. I know that many of you will be making similar plans and preparations. This is a busy time of year, but let's continue in the midst of all the activity to remember and rejoice that a Saviour has been born - more than that, this Saviour has come and made His home with us. Over the last few weeks at King's, over fifteen people have made first time commitments to Christ! They have come home to the Father in and through Christ, and there is now much rejoicing in heaven!

Help! Christmas is coming! But for those who have become Christians amongst us recently, Christmas has come early. Praise God!

King's Carol Services

Posted by Steve Tibbert at 12:14 PM


Bournemouth, Brighton and Christmas!

Yesterday, after spending a day with Guy Miller and the Citygate eldership team, I had the opportunity to visit Mick and Val Taylor in their new home in Bournemouth. It was fantastic to see these dear friends and to catch up on news together. They are settling in well and I'm glad to say that Mick will be preaching here at King's next year on Sunday 3rd May, a day not to miss.

On Friday and Saturday this week Deb and I are speaking at a weekend for the CCK Brighton elders and leaders, along with their spouses. We are looking forward to spending time with our friends Joel and Katie Virgo, who lead this fantastic church. We have been asked to speak on the subject of Marriage & Ministry and would value your prayers that we would serve this great church well.

On Sunday I am looking forward to speaking on our Catford and Lee sites as we continue our series Making Life Work. I hope you are enjoying this series!

Meanwhile Christmas continues to rush toward us! It's not too early to be making plans for who you will invite to one of our fantastic evening Carol Services - nor to pick up your tickets in faith that your invitation will be accepted! These are events that take time and energy to produce, with high quality levels of contributions and are always received well. God has done amazing things through our Christmas events - there are people in the Kingdom and serving in King's today because one day someone invited them along. Did they know then that it would be a life-changing event? Probably not - but in God's great plan they were brought into the family of God! As a result lives are being changed!

We can also take part in blessing those outside the church who feel themselves to be on the edge of society. King's volunteers will be out and about at local supermarkets from this Saturday collecting packets and cans of food for the Big Red Box appeal. If you would like to help with this then details are available on the website. And how about ordering your Christmas tree from King's Christmas Trees and supporting the homeless through the Jericho Road Project as you enjoy a really great tree as part of your Christmas? As the Sainsbury's ad reminds us - 'Christmas is for sharing!'

Christmas at King's - How to get involved

Posted by Steve Tibbert at 3:30 PM


Coaching and Christmas

A recurring event in my diary, and one that took place again this week was hosting the two days of coaching, on this occasion with ten teams of church leaders from across the UK. It is something that I consider a real privilege and at the same time find stimulating and encouraging - the attitude of those who attend is that in their desire to serve Christ and His church they want to lead well and to continue to grow in leadership. As I share something of what we have learnt (and are continuing to learn) here at King's, we are helping to prepare these leaders and their churches for the future.

Meanwhile, in case you haven't noticed, Christmas seems to be heading towards us at great speed! As you would expect, planning, preparation and prayer for the programme of events at King's have been going on for a while - those who were around on Sunday will have been able to pick up the list of Christmas events, along with information regarding serving opportunities and how to get involved.

The theme of our Christmas events is ‘Home' and we will be unpacking thoughts and ideas around this topic in our Carol Services and Christmas meetings. Now is definitely the time for us all to be preparing - not only with gifts and cards and planning visits to family and friends, but also thinking about who we will invite to the Carol Services. Christmas is a fantastic season when friends and neighbours are often more open to invitations to come along. Let's make the most of these opportunities!

Tickets and flyers for the evening Carol Services will be available from next Sunday and apart from the five to be held as usual at the Catford site on Sat 20th and Sun 21st, this year there will be an evening Carol Service at the Lee site on Sunday 14th December at 5pm - a new venture!

Our Big Red Box project will be taking place again this year - you can collect your box/boxes to fill on Sunday, along with a list of contents to put together. These boxes of food have been a real blessing in past years to those for whom life is hard and as the boxes are distributed by Social Services and other dependable agencies we know they bring some festive cheer to those who would not otherwise have much with which to celebrate!

King's Christmas Trees, another venture we are continuing from previous years, are already doing brisk trade - 86 trees already sold as I write this! All profits from the sale of these good quality trees go to support the Jericho Road Project - Simon Allen and his team are aiming to sell a magnificent 430 trees this year!

Further details about Christmas at King's can be found at


Posted by Steve Tibbert at 11:05 AM


Love my job!

Tuesday - meetings all day, good progress made.

Wednesday - preparation for preaching this coming Sunday from the book of Proverbs, title: 'Choose Friends Carefully', and planning ahead with the King's team for 2015.

Today - visiting the fantastic church in High Wycombe led by my friend Neil Bartlett.

Tomorrow and Saturday - joining all our Pastors and senior staff team and their spouses for 24 hours away together. Our guest speakers are Ian and Heather Galloway who serve and lead the Newcastle Newfrontiers church and who have a wealth of experience and insight for us to benefit from as a team. 

Sunday - preaching four times at our Catford and Lee sites.

A full and fruitful week!

Returning from a productive trip to India and Dubai, most of this week has been focused on serving King's. I love this church, made up of so many amazing people!

I have just heard that we reached the sum of £59,400 in October's giving towards our multi-site offering! A remarkable result - and so close to our target of £60,000. Thank you to all who contributed so faithfully and generously.

Can I invite you to join us this weekend at any of our six meetings across our three sites? I look forward to seeing you at King's this weekend...


Posted by Steve Tibbert at 11:06 AM


Good afternoon from Dubai!

Dubai is an amazing place! It has a skyline like a major American city and includes the tallest building in the world. It is a place of contrasts - you can hear the muezzin give the call to prayer as you walk through a shopping mall of such size that it would dwarf Bluewater. And at the same time there are beautiful views to be had of the desert that surrounds it, wonderful sunsets - and then there are camels!

This is our stopping off point after our week in India and tomorrow we return to London. The trip has been very fruitful but there is no place like home! We are grateful to our parents and to the fabulous Allen family for taking care of Sam while we have been away. It has been a privilege to see what God is doing among these nations!

I heard yesterday from King's that our Multi-Site offering for this month now stands at £57,000 so we are very close to reaching our £60,000 target - this is great news and a brilliant encouragement to us all! Thank you to all for your amazing response and generosity. Praise God!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday when we'll be continuing our Making Life Work series. It has begun well and I know it will be of great use and blessing to us all.


Posted by Steve Tibbert at 2:37 PM


News from Freetown and a visit to India and Dubai...

Last Sunday evening it was a privilege to speak with Wilben Short in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to hear from former King's leaders the challenges Sierra Leone is facing. Both Wilben and Clare are in good heart, while the situation particularly for the disadvantaged in that country is heart-rending. When the Shorts decided to return to their country to work for the good of their land, who knew that they would be facing such times as these? Only God. Please continue to pray for Wilben and Clare, for the fight against Ebola in West Africa, and the local and international leadership in all they face.

Deb and I arrived in Delhi late last night. It's an amazing city in the north of India where we are visiting our long-time friends Tim and Liz Brown. When we leave here we fly down to Mumbai for 24 hours before ending our trip to India with 48 hours in Bangalore. Although these are short stays we are glad to be able to visit these great cities that God loves and has a plan for! Finally, we stop off at Dubai to spend some time with Steve and Heather Oliver before we return to London. Please pray for good travel and good health and that God will guide and bless our conversations.

We leave King's in good heart following our highest ever Sunday on a normal week, with growth on all our sites. Praise God! Are you enjoying our Making Life Work series? I wonder if our increased attendance is due to this great series? Do come this Sunday - the title of the message is Develop Discipline. It will bless you and will do you good!

We still have a little way to go towards our total of £60,000 for our multi-site offering this month - at the moment the total stands at just over £50,000. If you have yet to contribute please come ready to give this Sunday (or you can do so online). God is at work! We are grateful for all His blessings, including a generous people!

King's! We are a church made up of the nations - can I ask you to pray particularly for the nations of India, Dubai and Sierra Leone this week? God is at work in each of these countries too - our prayers are part of our support for the people of these great nations!


Posted by Steve Tibbert at 10:05 AM

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