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Thank you, Val Taylor!

For the last six years, Val Taylor has helped me with this blog and other areas of writing. In addition to these weekly postings, we have produced numerous leadership papers and even written a book together. Her help over this time has been invaluable. As many of you will know, she and the mighty Mick Taylor have recently moved to join Guy Miller at Citygate Church in Bournemouth. She has continued serving me from there for a number of months, but we have concluded together that the time has come to hand over.

I suspect that my most ardent follower of this blog is my Mum. She reads every posting and claims it is the best way to keep up with the latest news. She, of anyone, knows my limitations when it comes to writing. I did not enjoy school - both my mum and dad can tell stories of difficult parents' evenings and their need for a sherry together afterwards. Val's skill as a writer has enabled me to share our journey at King's both locally and with a wider audience. She has always done this with remarkable creativity, patience and grace - she once said to me that the reason I tend to miss out words in a sentence is because my brain works so fast my writing cannot keep up with it!

Val, I am extremely grateful for your amazing writing gift - your eye for grammar, spelling and style, but also your humility. There have been many occasions when I have read back over something I had drafted, and felt that it expressed the heart and content of my original message, but more clearly and strongly. Thanks especially for those occasional times when I have been particularly overrun and you have managed to create a great blog out of the very little I have given you. You will be a hard act to follow.


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The word ‘home' conjures up all sorts of pictures and meanings for different people. For some of us we think of an island or a country where the sun always shines! But even here in London, it's great to come home at the end of a busy day and get out of the rain and cold. Home should be a place of warmth and safety, a place where we give and receive care and love and into which we can welcome others. For those who call King's Church London 'home', we have seen over the last year even more people welcomed and becoming part of the King's family. I'm delighted that three months after the opening of our new Lee auditorium it was full for our first King's Carol Service last Sunday evening - a fantastic start to our Christmas celebrations! Home is our Christmas theme this year and our goal is to help many more members of our local communities find their own way home to a heavenly Father who longs to welcome them!

King's Carol Service 2014

With that in view, I would like to invite you to join with me this coming weekend at one of our eight remaining Carol Services - don't stay at home! Come along, bring a friend or family member, and let us celebrate together the coming of the Saviour of the world!

There are five remaining KING'S EVENING CAROL SERVICES at the Catford site. The services include carols, readings, some performance pieces and a short talk.

Saturday 20th - 5pm & 7.30pm at Catford
Sunday 21st - 2.30pm, 5pm & 7.30pm* at Catford
*BSL interpretation at this service

And site Carol Services will take place on the morning of Sunday 21 December at 10.30am - at Catford, Downham and Lee.

Christmas Carol Services

Meanwhile, we also remember those for whom a physical home is an issue. Simon Allen and his team at our Jericho Road Project, which reaches out to rough sleepers and those with life-controlling issues and addictions, have been working hard to add further funds to support this great work through the sale of King's Christmas Trees. All the trees are now sold! And we heard late last night that Mike Reich and the Big Red Box project team have more than met their goal of 1,000 filled food boxes for distribution to local community members for whom Christmas will be a time of financial hardship. That's a brilliant effort! Our thanks to all of you who have volunteered for these two great causes and are extending the love of God beyond our immediate circles.

Finally, I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas time! I hope you will enjoy a break and a rest, get to be with family and friends and recognise again and value the great gift we have in Jesus, who welcomes us all and makes his home with us.

A joyful Christmas to you all!

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Living in London

When Deb and I moved from our home town of Bedford just under twenty years ago our main motivation was to serve God and place ourselves in a context where we could reach as many people as possible for Christ! I concluded that if you wanted to reach a nation you had to reach the capital city. Each one of us is called to serve God wherever He places us, in village, town or, in our case, a global city like London.

Urban life has its challenges - we now live in the borough of Lewisham, one of the most densely populated - and are a fifteen-minute train journey from central London and its cultural venues and historical sights. From the top floor of our house we can see Canary Wharf and the skyline of the city of London. Meanwhile, the combination of traffic, noise and the pace of city life can be demanding.

But! We love living in London; it's our home and the city provides many great opportunities along with any challenges. This week our youngest son, Sam, is on work experience - like our other two sons before him he is working in the city, in an office right next to the Gherkin building in a large and successful insurance company, learning about life and work in that context. We are grateful to our good friend Peregrine who has been brilliant in giving Sam this opportunity, one unlikely to have happened had we lived elsewhere.

As for our church, I am often asked why King's has grown so much over recent years. One clear reason is - there are a lot of people here! That's why, over the next few weeks, King's will host nine Carol Services, each expressing our heart, to reach lost people and call them home to their Maker and Saviour.

It is also the motivation behind our Big Red Box initiative. Mike Reich and his fantastic team are aiming for 1,000 food hampers for distribution to some of the most disadvantaged people in our southeast London communities. Currently there are 583 filled boxes - 130 already distrbuted but hundreds more in the auditorium awaiting delivery! At the same time Simon Allen and his team have done an excellent job this year with the King's Christmas Trees initiative. All the trees have now been sold - 438 of them! All profits go to support the Jericho Road Project, our social action ministry, reaching out and giving support and food to those who live on the streets.

So with the same motivation over our original call and move to London, can I invite you to join with me this Christmas by being there at one of the Carol Services and inviting your friends and family members to come along too... and together, let's reach London for Christ!

Christmas Carols

There are six KING'S EVENING CAROL SERVICES, hosted at the Catford and Lee sites. The services involve carols, readings, some performance pieces and a short talk.

Sunday 14th - 5pm* at Lee
Saturday 20th - 5pm & 7.30pm at Catford
Sunday 21st - 2.30pm, 5pm & 7.30pm* at Catford
*BSL interpretation at these services

And site Carol Services will take place on the morning of Sunday 21 December at 10.30am - at Catford, Downham and Lee.

Further details found at


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One Focus

This is a busy time of year - I realise that many of us feel there is so much to do in order to be ready for celebrating this great season with family and friends. So, I'm keeping this blog to one point and just one point!

It's a simple message - in the midst of all your preparations please keep your focus on our King's Carol Services and at the top of your list of things to do put ‘Remember to pick up tickets this Sunday' for you and your family and friends!

Our theme is ‘HOME' and we are praying that these carol services will be the means of starting yet more people on that wonderful journey of coming home and finding a Heavenly Father who loves them. Keep praying for those you have invited (and are going to invite!) - as a result there will be some people having a wonderful Christmas gift - that of new life in our fantastic Saviour. That's our real focus!

King's Carol Services

There are six KING'S CAROL SERVICES, hosted at the Catford and Lee sites. The services involve carols, readings, some performance pieces and a short talk.

Sunday 14th - 5pm* at Lee
Saturday 20th - 5pm & 7.30pm at Catford
Sunday 21st - 2.30pm, 5pm & 7.30pm* at Catford
*BSL interpretation at these services

And site Carol Services will take place on the morning of Sunday 21 December - one meeting at 10.30am at each site.

Further details can be found on

Meanwhile, enjoy your preparations!

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Help! Christmas is coming...

Four weeks today is Christmas Day. The Tibbert family love Christmas - a definite favourite time of year, but if it's going to be a success now is the time for action! It's time to get everything in place for the festive season...

So, we have ordered our King's Christmas Tree. (Check!)

We have picked up our Big Red Box. (Check!)

We have begun to invite friends and family members to the Carol Services, where the theme this year is Home. Please join us and continue to pick up flyers and tickets for the One Church evening Carol services. There are still more people the Tibbert family intend to invite along so the ‘check' will have to wait on that one!

Steve and Krish KandiahIn the midst of all our Christmas planning, yesterday I had the privilege of meeting Krish Kandiah, the founder of Home for Good and President of the London School of Theology. We had a great time together sharing our stories and it was exciting to show him around our Lee site.

On the Tibbert home front we will be hosting Deb's parents on Christmas Day and having a day with the extended Tibbert family members over the following weekend - we need to make sure everything will be in place. I know that many of you will be making similar plans and preparations. This is a busy time of year, but let's continue in the midst of all the activity to remember and rejoice that a Saviour has been born - more than that, this Saviour has come and made His home with us. Over the last few weeks at King's, over fifteen people have made first time commitments to Christ! They have come home to the Father in and through Christ, and there is now much rejoicing in heaven!

Help! Christmas is coming! But for those who have become Christians amongst us recently, Christmas has come early. Praise God!

King's Carol Services

Posted by Steve Tibbert at 12:14 PM


Bournemouth, Brighton and Christmas!

Yesterday, after spending a day with Guy Miller and the Citygate eldership team, I had the opportunity to visit Mick and Val Taylor in their new home in Bournemouth. It was fantastic to see these dear friends and to catch up on news together. They are settling in well and I'm glad to say that Mick will be preaching here at King's next year on Sunday 3rd May, a day not to miss.

On Friday and Saturday this week Deb and I are speaking at a weekend for the CCK Brighton elders and leaders, along with their spouses. We are looking forward to spending time with our friends Joel and Katie Virgo, who lead this fantastic church. We have been asked to speak on the subject of Marriage & Ministry and would value your prayers that we would serve this great church well.

On Sunday I am looking forward to speaking on our Catford and Lee sites as we continue our series Making Life Work. I hope you are enjoying this series!

Meanwhile Christmas continues to rush toward us! It's not too early to be making plans for who you will invite to one of our fantastic evening Carol Services - nor to pick up your tickets in faith that your invitation will be accepted! These are events that take time and energy to produce, with high quality levels of contributions and are always received well. God has done amazing things through our Christmas events - there are people in the Kingdom and serving in King's today because one day someone invited them along. Did they know then that it would be a life-changing event? Probably not - but in God's great plan they were brought into the family of God! As a result lives are being changed!

We can also take part in blessing those outside the church who feel themselves to be on the edge of society. King's volunteers will be out and about at local supermarkets from this Saturday collecting packets and cans of food for the Big Red Box appeal. If you would like to help with this then details are available on the website. And how about ordering your Christmas tree from King's Christmas Trees and supporting the homeless through the Jericho Road Project as you enjoy a really great tree as part of your Christmas? As the Sainsbury's ad reminds us - 'Christmas is for sharing!'

Christmas at King's - How to get involved

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