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When Jesus gave His marching orders to the church at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, He told us to 'go and make disciples of all nations'. Developing disciples – learners, followers, apprentices of Jesus – was right at the heart of what He sent His apostles to do.

Yet it is easy, in the story of Scripture and the whirl of modern life, to miss what that actually means. What makes a follower of Jesus? How do we learn to be like Him? We want to imitate Jesus, and obey what He commanded, but how does that actually happen? How do we grow in different areas of life? That’s where Paul’s letter to the Philippians can help us.

Philippians is a wonderful letter from which to learn about discipleship. It isn’t written to correct behaviour or doctrine (like many of Paul’s letters), but simply to express friendship, thank the church in Philippi for a gift, and talk about how Jesus shapes the ordinary Christian life. This makes it a happy letter, and a very practical one. It also includes a wide range of experiences – success and failure, hardship and victory, past and future, abundance and poverty – and considers how to find joy in Jesus in each of them.

On Sundays, in groups, and individually with our daily devotionals, we will be studying the book over eight weeks. Each section will focus on a different aspect of discipleship picked up in Philippians, and will help us learn to follow Jesus, whatever our situation:

28 January – PARTNERSHIP
04 February – HARDSHIP
11 February – LORDSHIP
18 February – FRIENDSHIP
24 February – WORSHIP

Week 4 – Friendship

Leonie's Story

Week 3 – Lordship

Kris's Story

Week 2 – Hardship

Donald's Story

Week 1 – Partnership

Zimbabwe Partnership Update

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DISCIPLE devotional

The DISCIPLE devotional contains eight weeks of daily devotionals, working through the book of Philippians. Each week has a specific focus, and each day has a reading and reflection on a brief section of the letter, as well as one or two points for further reading and prayer at the end of the week.

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Make the most of the series

To make the most of the DISCIPLE series, we are encouraging everyone to:

BE AT CHURCH EACH WEEK – It’s only eight weeks, so listen online or via the free King’s app.

BE PART OF A GROUP – It’s a great place to make friends and discuss the topics. You can sign up on Sundays or at

BE TRANSFORMED DAILY – Buy the DISCIPLE devotional book and join with others from across King's reading through the book of Philippians over eight weeks.